Find the perfect loan – easily from home

The online request on is done quickly. We ask only for the most important information that credit experts need for the quick processing of your loan request – so you save valuable time. customers need an average of four to five minutes, then they have completed the request completely.

Professional support in the search for credit

If you use service for your credit search, you can relax after the request. There are no time-consuming and nerve-wracking negotiations with various banks about the best conditions . These negotiations are handled by credit professionals for you – and you certainly do not have to pay a penny in advance. We get 100 percent free to work.

Experts have several decades of experience. So they not only negotiate with the bankers on an equal footing, but are often even one step ahead of them. Thus is the strong partner at your side, which makes the best of it for the banks.

Decide at home

In the interests of speedy settlement, we will send you your loan offer by e-mail and then in parallel by post. So you have the opportunity to check the offer at home. No one is pushing you, no one wants to persuade you to anything. You can and should take as much time as you want to put the loan offer through its paces . Only if you are really convinced, sign the loan agreement and send it back by mail. The payout is then only a matter of a few hours or a few days. And all in all, you enjoy the good feeling of getting the optimal loan – because experts look for the ideal financing for up to 20 different banks.