Loans now available online

The Frankfurt-based BANK will rely heavily on online loans in the future: regardless of whether it is a classic installment loan , a flexible credit facility or an innovative Vario loan , since June 2011 all of the ambitious traditional bank’s loan offerings are also available on the Internet. A special plus are the attractive online conditions and the uncomplicated application.

What was previously only known to insiders in the online industry seems now to be the focus of attention for many consumers as well: fast credit application is one of the clear advantages of BANK . For loans up to 25,000 euros, for example, the company belonging to the Banks needs just three documents. In addition, according to the experts, the “unbureaucratic design” of the online application and the “clear presentation to the prospective buyer” are to be especially praised, which will give many consumers additional confidence in the loans.

As soon as the application is approved, ‘s credit customers can look forward to the favorable fixed-rate conditions already presented to them on the Internet. Once the required creditworthiness has been established, all interest rates are independent of credit rating. So, if the customer has calculated their preferred loan online, they can be sure that they will actually receive the interest rate they have calculated.

By the way: On request, the attractive credit terms can also be retrieved using the new Manyak app for smartphones (download in the App Store and Android Market). Anyone who is on the internet a lot anyway should add the new credits to any future credit comparison.