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If a permit or a license is removed, we can't operate. Getting those processes automated has been a huge help.

Dr. Radhika Mahadev
Head of Robotic Process Automation, Merck Life Science

Customer achievements.

Customer Achievements


Hours saved per year


Business processes automated


Complex SAP systems automated


Intelligent automations

Merck’s worldwide impact: Automation streamlines research during crisis.

Merck Life Science recognized the complexity of its global compliance constraints, which vary across the 14 countries they operate in. To address this, the company partnered with Automation Anywhere, embedding 17 automations and streamlining compliance-related document processing.

Not only did the solution save 150,000 hours, it improved tracking, increased response times, and nearly eliminated errors. Free from the flood of manual tasks, their scientists could focus on high-level tasks.

Their new digital tools played a crucial role in accelerating COVID-19 vaccine development and other scientific breakthroughs, impacting millions worldwide, and earning them the Global Regulatory Management & Trade Compliance Recognition in 2021.

Processes automated.

  • Customer Service
  • Supply Chain Tasks
  • Regulatory Management Tasks
  • Trade Compliance Functions
  • Healthcare Commercial Functions

Customer overview.

Merck Life Science empowers researchers with innovative tools, services, and expertise for scientific breakthroughs.

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