3 women-owned businesses now call historic Brooksville Hawkins House


BROOKSVILLE, Florida – A trip through Brooksville and you’ll notice a lot of history.

Hawkins House is just that. It was built in 1896 by Lena Hawkins and her husband. Hawkins was Brooksville’s first female mayor.

It is therefore normal that the house is now owned by three businesses owned by women.

Pearl Porch sells omen clothing and accessories, Westover Flowers has flowers for all occasions, and Mallie Kyla’s Cafe offers homemade lunch and dessert.

“Just that sense of community and the spirit that we have here. And there’s a lot of loyalty, there’s a lot of integrity here,” Larie Hensley, owner of Mallie Kyla’s Cafe told us. “There are a lot of old values ​​and things that matter, things that are no longer in place in a lot of places. It’s sad to see. But you know, people come here and they feel it, and I ‘hope they take it a bit far with them. “

When it comes to Brooksville, local businesses are the heart and soul.

“Oh, I think it’s essential to keep the city alive. Really. I think people feel when they come in they tell us, I feel like going to Grandma’s. is so cute. And you know, how long have you been here, and we love it. And then they come back and they tell others and that’s what’s going to make people come to our town and to the We are all so happy about it, ”says Hensley.

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