5 things to know Tuesday


California oil spill: Governor Gavin Newsom declares state of emergency. Ongoing criminal and civil investigations

Crew members along the southern California coast attempted to deploy skimmers by locking up oiled seawater on Monday. Wildlife experts struggled for months to protect birds and fish from large oil spills that could shut the beach down. Authorities are investigating whether the ship’s anchor could have collided with a pipeline on the seabed, causing a spill of crude oil, officials said Monday. Martyn Willsher, CEO of Amplify Energy, the head of the company that manages the pipeline, said the cargo ship’s anchor is “one of the obvious possibilities” behind the leak. Wilshere added that he expects the cause of the damage to become clearer by Tuesday. California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency in Orange County and called on state agencies to “take swift and proactive action to clean up and mitigate the effects” of the spill. At the end of the day on Monday, a state spokesperson also told USA TODAY that a number of government investigations into company behavior and the spills had started.

Facebook whistleblower testifies before Senate panel

Facebook whistleblower Francis Hogen will testify Tuesday morning before the Senate Committee on Commerce and Consumer Protection. Haugen leaked documents to the Wall Street Journal and lawmakers, which she said showed Facebook was lying to the public about hate speech, disinformation and efforts to eradicate violence. Haugen, 37, has been on Facebook for almost two years. She worked as a product manager in a civilian integrity team to fight election interference and disinformation. According to his written testimony, Haugen will liken Facebook to a tobacco company. “The government took action when it realized the tobacco company was hiding the harm it had caused. When seat belts made the car safer, the government took action. Hogen’s testimony says. “Please do the same here. ”

Biden travels to Michigan to promote infrastructure and budget

President Joe Biden will travel to Howell, Michigan on Tuesday to promote a $ 3.5 trillion budget and a $ 1 trillion infrastructure package. The city is located in the district of Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin, Michigan, where moderate Democrats take the final reconciliation plan “very seriously” and “do not produce” “threats” from progressives. I called it “target”. Democrats and a majority of presidents support both bills, but a very slim majority of parties in both houses of parliament say a small group of lawmakers could jeopardize passage of the bill. ways. White House spokesman Jen Psaki said in a statement on Saturday that Biden would invite members of various factions of the party to discuss the spending bills later this week.

Red Sox and Yankees face off in wildcard match to win

After 162 regular season games, the MLB playoffs arrive on Tuesday. Longtime rivals in the Eastern American League, the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees start the playoffs in the AL Wild Card game on Tuesday night (8:08 p.m. ET, ESPN). Both teams won the match on Sunday, finishing with the same record of 92-70 and securing a playoff position. The Red Sox won the seasonal series at the Yankees in 2021 and have won 10 of 19 games, with the winner Tuesday at Fenway Park in Boston. The winner of the Wild Card Game will face the Tampa Bay Rays, another enemy of AL East in the American League Divisional Series. The Tampa Bay Rays have established 100 regular season wins and the third best record in Major League Baseball.

Fat Bear Week winner announced

Who is the worst bear in America and the whole country? The champion of Fat Bear Week, a contest hosted by Katmai National Park and Preservation Area in southwest Alaska, will be announced on Tuesday. This year’s nominees are some of the dullest things the annual celebration has seen, with five of the last seven winners competing again. The celebration began as a special day in 2014 and was quick to captivate the country. The celebration is fun, but it raises awareness of how bears are dealing with climate change. The reason these bears can put on their full weight is due to the abundance of salmon in the area. When the salmon go missing, the bear is in great danger. Here are some of the bears competing for this year’s title.

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5 things to know Tuesday

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