A lecture discusses the involvement of the Wyoming National Guard in the Philippine-American War

The Wyoming Veterans Memorial Museum in Casper is hosting an event on Thursday, September 15 that discusses the involvement of Wyoming National Guard troops in the Philippine-American War in 1898-1899. This is part of a larger speaker series that draws public attention to historical and military topics as well as the role the state’s veterans played in them.

Dr. Mark Johnson will be the speaker. He is a contract historian for the Wyoming National Guard, Senior Army Instructor for Junior ROTC (JROTC) at Natrona County High School, and a retired career officer in the U.S. Army.

“[Dr. Johnson] is in the process of writing a more or less complete history of the Wyoming Army and the Wyoming Air National Guard and his research for this book project is what is featured in our presentation in September, at least in part,” said John Woodward, director of museums for the Wyoming Military Department.

The Wyoming National Guard, originally created in 1870 during the Territorial era, was first mobilized federally during the Spanish–American War.

“We wanted to educate the public about the history of the Guard’s impact, beginning with the Spanish-American War, which was the first time a cohesive unit from Wyoming served in the United States Armed Forces,” he said. -he adds. “It’s a very special and very interesting time. And that’s something most people in Wyoming don’t know about.

Woodward said some of Johnson’s work focuses on this period as well as more broadly.

“Its task is to research and write a comprehensive history of the Army and Air Force components of the Wyoming National Guard from its inception in 1870 to the present day,” he explained.

The Spanish American War took place between April and August 1898 and saw the United States gain control of former Spanish-held territories in the Western Pacific and Latin America.

The Philippine-American War took place from 1899 to 1902 and involved American and Filipino revolutionaries. It started after the United States took control of the country following Spain’s defeat in the Spanish American War. Spain previously ruled the Philippines as a colonial possession since 1565.

The forces that served in both conflicts were part of the Wyoming Volunteer Infantry Battalion. It was largely staffed by volunteers who drew heavily from the Wyoming National Guard. They served in the Philippines for a total of 494 days before the unit was deactivated in 1899.

The museum’s lecture series began in January and held quarterly events. The next event will take place in December.

Dr Johnson’s talk will also be streamed via the museum Facebook page.

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