Adaland Mansion in Philippi hosts its Christmas buffet

PHILIPPI, W.Va. – December 19, Adaland Manor held their last Christmas buffet of the season.

To celebrate the 22sd Year of the Christmas buffet at Adaland Mansion, there were three different seats, each with around 150 people.

A traditional festive dinner with a variety of desserts was served.

There were 15 different desserts to choose from.

The cost of a reservation was $ 30 per person, and since the mansion is a non-profit, the money went towards preserving the property.

“The reason we host the dinners, not only to invite the public inside, but it’s one of our main fundraisers to keep the house open. At each dinner, about 80% of the funds from each dinner go to making sure the doors are open and that we are able to offer educational outreach and programming here at home, ”said Jolynn Powers, Director executive of Adaland Mansion.

It was the last Christmas dinner prepared by retired Lucy Williamson, who has been cooking dinners at Adaland Mansion for over 20 years.

Tours of the historic Adaland Mansion run from May to December.

After their New Years dinner, they plan to have their next dinner in May for Mother’s Day.

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