Ariana Grande has sold the historic Montecito home to a mystery buyer – DIRT

Ariana Grande has “one less problem” on her proverbial plate, or at least one less-maintenance property. Records confirm the Florida singer sold her stylish Montecito home for $9.1 million, far more than the $6.8 million she paid Ellen DeGeneres for the place just a short time ago. two years. Santa Barbara website reported for the first time the off-market agreement.

The identity of the spendthrift shopper is not yet public knowledge, but it is likely to be another celebrity. Grant deeds show that the property was formally acquired by a trust set up by a well-known Hollywood business executive, whose very well-heeled clientele consists almost exclusively of A-list actors and some of the most famous comedians. of the world.

Either way, the currently unnamed new owner now holds the keys to one of Montecito’s most unique and wealthy properties. Originally built in England in the 1700s as two separate barns, the so-called Porter House was born from the dismantling of the two 18th century structures, shipped to California and painstakingly merged in the 20th century, creating a Tudor style . main residence that spans 5,500 square feet, although it is currently only configured with two bedrooms.

Astute Grande fans will recall that the “7 Rings” crooner married last summer at the magical estate of Montecito. And if the place looks like it came out of a Thomas Kinkade painting, you can thank DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, who bought it in January 2020 for $3.6 million, renovated it like we see it in the photos here and have returned it to Grande for the aforementioned $6.8 million — all within the span of four months.

.Situated behind tall hedges and large gates on 1.3 acres, the home is perpetually shaded by mature trees. Inside, Narnia-like interior spaces include two separate kitchens, both with designer appliances, two indoor dining areas, two full bathrooms and two powder rooms. There are vaulted ceilings throughout and a mix of concrete, stone, and brick floors. Also on the premises are a dedicated laundry room and at least five fireplaces.

DeGeneres remodeled the interiors in her signature style, which includes lots of milky whites, dark grays, and other earthy colors. An octagonal library sports antique casement windows, and the mezzanine master bedroom overlooks one of the home’s two living rooms. The property currently doesn’t have a pool, which is a little surprising for a $9.1 million home in Southern California, but the lovely grounds no doubt make up for that shortcoming, and the ocean Pacific is only a short drive away.

It’s not yet known if Grande plans to buy another house in Montecito, but she still owns two expensive properties in the Hollywood Hills: one, a $9 million estate in the Bird Streets neighborhood, and the other a more modest cottage purchased earlier this year from Cameron Diaz. . She also owned a Paul McClean-designed mansion that was sold last year for $14 million to talent agent Nancy Josephson and film producer Larry Sanitsky.

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