Capitol Dome renovation will take 2 years to complete | News

FRANKFORT, Ky. (KT) — A major project will begin soon to repair and renovate the state capitol dome that is expected to take two years, Gov. Andy Beshear announced Thursday.

During a press conference, the governor explained the extent of the work, which will begin in the spring. “To replace 80-year-old clay tiles, to install waterproofing, to make structural repairs, and to remove algae and other organic material from the dome.”

Beshear said this project was long overdue on the building, which opened in 1910. “The structural integrity itself has been called into question, which means we can’t wait to do this any longer.”

The first step will be the construction of extensive scaffolding around the entire dome, he said, to allow access for historic preservation experts and specialist contractors as they assess damage and prepare plans. of construction.

“The materials needed to assemble the scaffolding will be delivered to the Capitol in early April,” he said, “and it is estimated that it will take two months to erect the scaffolding, which will remain in place for approximately two years.”

Beshear called the long draft the right thing to do. “It is necessary for the safety of people in this building to which I am fully committed. It is my responsibility and it is essential for this building itself, which has such historic significance. We are just being asked to sacrifice a bit and what our view will look like for the next two years, to ensure that this dome and this Capitol represent the decades to come, for Kentuckians who come to visit, or come here to work.”

The work will be done by a team of nationally recognized professionals, according to the governor, who have done similar work on domes in the capital cities of Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, as well as the building of the United States Supreme Court.

“This project is part of a multi-year renovation and restoration, which began in 2020,” Beshear said. “You’ve seen a lot of construction around these lands over the past two years. These are things that have been put off for a long time, but we are going to do the necessary work so that our children and our children’s children can enjoy this historic campus.

He thanked the General Assembly for stepping up significant funding to upgrade repairs and upgrades to electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems, since the 2018 budget, and although the 2022 biennial budget has not yet been adopted, all versions considered contain additional funds.

“With periodic maintenance, the renovation of this dome will provide us with at least another 50 years, once it is complete, to be able to see this incredible sight without scaffolding and make it safe for our people here in the building,” said said the governor. .

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