Education Abroad Announces New Global Seminars for Summer 2022 | CU Boulder today


The world is still waiting, and Education Abroad is now offering eight new global seminars. Find out what’s new and apply now to spend a few weeks studying abroad this summer.

What is a global seminar? Global seminars are short-term international programs taught by CU professors during the summer or winter break.

  • Duration approximately 2 to 6 weeks for 3 to 8 credits depending on the content
  • Include an internationally taught CU Boulder course that meets degree requirements or major requirements
  • Provide a small group experience that allows students and faculty to form strong bonds
  • Provide an international experience for students who cannot study abroad for a semester or a year

Paris, France PSCI 4028
Develop your knowledge of French history and politics through experiential learning in Paris. Immerse yourself in the history of the French Revolution and the Paris Commune as you explore the palaces, prisons and streets where it all happened. Taught by Michaele L. Ferguson, Associate Professor of Political Science and Presidential Education Researcher whose research focuses on radical / popular democracy and revolutionary politics.

Edinburgh, Scotland THTR / CINE 3020
Develop your acting and / or director skills by going directly to a film shoot in Scotland. Learn to collaborate with other students from different backgrounds and understand the various responsibilities and professional relationships that go into making a film. Co-supervised by Assistant Professor Geoff Marslett of the Department of Film Studies and the Moving Image Arts and Associate Professor Chip Persons of the Department of Drama and Dance.

Oaxaca, Mexico ANTH 4300
Learn about the awe-inspiring history of the peoples of Mexico before colonization by visiting ancient archaeological sites, including excavations and ongoing research of a 1,200-year-old city. Learn about the diverse cultures of the Zapotec, Mixtec, and Chatino peoples of Oaxaca, Mexico. Study with Professor Arthur Joyce, whose research focuses on the pre-Columbian peoples of Mesoamerica, particularly on issues of power, political dynamics, and landscape.

Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, Croatia INBU 3300
Study in the coastal country of Croatia and understand the critical relationship between business and culture. The course introduces students to all disciplines of international business when visiting companies, organizations, and institutions throughout Croatia. Study with Faculty Director Antonio Papuzza, International Business Consultant, Certified by the International Coach Federation, and Business Faculty Member.

Yerevan, Armenia LING 4640
Take an internship to teach English as a second language to Armenians while exploring social justice issues in the magnificent Southern Eurasian Caucuses. Learn about Armenian culture and history, including Armenian identity, literature, mythology, interactions with neighboring countries, and resilience. Study with Rai Farrelly, senior instructor and TESOL coordinator in the linguistics department.

Paris, France CINE 3402
Explore the famous picturesque city of Paris, France, from the historical and contemporary ‘lens’ of French cinema and its relationship to culture. Take advantage of film screenings, conferences and site visits throughout Paris during the three-week course. Taught by Professor Ernesto Acevedo-Muñoz from the Department of Film Studies and Moving Image Arts.

Reykjavik, Iceland SCAN 3302
Live in Reykjavik and visit witchcraft trial sites, witchcraft museums, and cultural institutions. Appreciate Scandinavian folk culture, customs and history from the Viking Age and Scandinavia’s medieval past while learning about the land where legendary tales of magic, horror and ghosts are said to have taken place. Taught by Mathias Nordvig, assistant professor and responsible for the Nordic studies program.

Don’t miss the information session at 4:30 p.m. Thursday, October 28 on Zoom.

Lisbon, Portugal PORT 3170
Explore the cosmopolitan and multicultural city of Lisbon, which played a fundamental role in the Age of Discovery and which has contemporary social and cultural significance. On the program, visits to emblematic buildings, monuments and museums as well as culinary, musical and street art workshops (especially graffiti). Learn with the director of the faculty Marcelo Schincarol, professor of Portuguese.

Don’t miss the information session at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday November 10 on Zoom.

Check out the many other global seminars also being held this summer to find the one that’s right for you! Apply today to secure a place. Several other information sessions on the World Seminar will also take place over the coming month.

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