From family reunions to fine art: Prominent artist couple open doors of historic Fort Worth home to creatives and community

Kinfolk House’s oak-colored slats and expansive, unadorned lawn barely distinguish it from other family homes in the Polytechnic neighborhood of southeast Fort Worth.

Co-founders Sedrick and Letitia Huckaby say a sense of familiarity is the goal of their new collaborative art space. Stepping inside should feel like stepping into a family reunion, Letitia said.

“It’s our hope that we continue that feeling of going to your grandma’s house and she just had some really nice things hanging on the wall,” she said.

The Huckabies, one of Fort Worth’s most prominent artistic couples, have been busy restoring the century-old historic home of Sedrick’s late grandmother, Hallie Beatrice Carpenter.

“She would sit for the paintings I was doing,” he said. “I did a whole series of paintings on her, and I had a show called Big Momma’s House.”

Currently, Big Momma’s house is full of Sedrick’s work: portraits of family members as tall as ceilings, painted with his thick, distinctive brushstrokes. They will debut on March 5, when Kinfolk House opens to the public.

Letitia will also present new works during “Welcome”. The aptly named opening show borrows its title from Sedrick’s grandmother’s maiden name. Letitia’s new large-scale landscape photographs follow the course of Big Momma’s life, from her hometown of Weimer, Texas to Fort Worth.

“The images are printed on fabric,” she said. “Some of them are quilted and some of them will be framed in these oversized embroidery hoops.”

While the opening exhibition will focus on visual art, the Huckabys envision Kinfolk House as much more than a gallery space. They hope to organize everything from concerts and poetry readings to film screenings and art classes for the neighborhood.

“[Polytechnic] is very diverse. We have a very eclectic group, just right around us, but it’s not an area that offers a lot of opportunities when it comes to art,” Letitia said. “We hope the community will take ownership of the space and be really proud of it.”

The “Welcome” Opening Reception will take place on Saturday, March 5 from noon to 8 p.m. Kinfolk House is located at 1913 Wallace Street in Fort Worth.

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