Garden Ridge turns 50 with a time capsule | Community alert

A library card, a 2010 women’s cookbook, and a police badge – these are just a few of the many trinkets and keepsakes buried in the Garden Ridge time capsule.

As an extension of its 50th anniversary celebration, the Town of Garden Ridge decided to capture pieces of history that represent the people who call it home and place it underground to unearth 25 years from now.

“We need to know our history,” Garden Ridge Public Library Director Linda Crosland said. “I think people need to have a little idea of ​​where they’re from and where we’re from.”

The Garden Ridge time capsule was just one of the many ways the town celebrated its 50-year history.

Additional festivities consisted of an expanded version of the city’s annual 4th of July party, which included a parade, train rides and a patriotic costume contest, and later in the day, a ’70s-themed rager featuring covers of classic Mothership rock songs and a light show.

The year-long anniversary celebrations were made possible through the hard work of Garden Ridge volunteers and money raised for the festivities. The dedication of the community ensured the success of both events, making it the largest event in the city’s history with record attendance.

From left, Garden Ridge Library Director Linda Crosland and Mayor Robb Erickson celebrate Garden Ridge’s 50th anniversary by burying a time capsule Friday, July 8, 2022. The time capsule will be opened 25 years from now on the 4 July 2047.

“We are a small community,” Garden Ridge Mayor Robb Erickson said. “The word gets around pretty quickly, especially if someone is in need. The life force of Garden Ridge volunteers can mobilize very quickly to help people.

Garden Ridge’s date of incorporation of July 6, 1972 played a significant role in the ’70s motif, including merchandise released for the town’s anniversary.

T-shirts, color-changing mugs and popsockets bearing the year of the city’s founding written in psychedelic characters were among the items created for the occasion and added to the time capsule.

The anniversary merchandise joined contributions from several Garden Ridge departments, including the Garden Ridge Police Department, which provided a package filled with old police photos and gear, and the town library.

Also inside the capsule was a notebook containing a brief history of the city with photos, a packet of leaflets and small souvenirs from the anniversary celebrations, which included a recent article printed in the Herald-Zeitung, and a COVID-19 kit, which people hope to stay underground.

“It’s a collection of historical information and memories that captures the experiences of a community and preserves it for the next generation,” Crosland said.

Garden Ridge Time Capsule

Garden Ridge Library Director Linda Crosland fills her time capsule with a written history and photos of Garden Ridge to celebrate her 50th anniversary on Friday, July 8, 2022 in Garden Ridge. The time capsule will be opened 25 years from now on July 4, 2047.

The time capsule began its ceremonial burial Friday at a memorial celebration with community members, local government officials and Comal County officials, such as members of the Comal Master Gardeners Association.

The Comal Master Gardeners’ Association played an important role in the ceremony, with the fruits of their labor serving as the backdrop for the burial site of the time capsule, which rests in the garden the association has helped build in front of the municipal library.

Before the ceremony ended and the shoveling began, Crosland shared a poem she had written to mark the occasion that demonstrates the pride of the town of Garden Ridge, the characteristics of the town and the tight-knit community of people who live within its humble borders.

“We’re small,” Crosland said. “We’ll never be famous outside of Comal County, but we’re proud of our city.”

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