Here’s your chance to drive a WWII Sherman tank into battle


I have been obsessed with WWII since I was young. My grandfathers and a great aunt served in the “Big One”, as it is called in my family.

A grandfather, Lieutenant Commander Jim Aughton, served in the NAVY in the South Pacific and my other grandfather, Captain Bob King, served in the army in Europe and my great-aunt May Aughton was a nurse of the Navy at Pearl Harbor. I have always been proud of their service and learned as much as possible about the history of WWII.

Part of learning about this history made me quite obsessed with visiting military museums and all the opportunities to enter, ride, steal and sometimes even drive military equipment. I drove a PT boat in the Florida Keys, flew in a B-17, B-25, and B-29, drove a few military jeeps, and had the opportunity to be aboard several warships and submarines

The only thing I have never had a chance to do is drive or drive a tank. Well, maybe October 9-10, that could change at the American Heritage Museum in Hudson, MA.

First, the Military Museum is one of the most impressive military armor museums I have ever seen. The collection of armor, vehicles and military equipment from all countries of labor is impressive. For me the most impressive thing is that they actually have tanks that they drive on demonstrations and will let you drive on special occasions.

On the weekend of October 9 and 10, they are organizing a military reenactment event called “Battle for the Airfield” where 350 military reenactors will battle it out. Several branches of the Allied Army and the Axis will be represented as well as vehicles, artillery and armored vehicles involved in the battle. There will even be pyrotechnics.

There is also a contest for the chance to drive the US Sherman tank in “battle” during the reenactment. You can purchase raffle tickets for the chance to drive a float and get information about the weekend’s event on the American Heritage Museum website.

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