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The mayoral election had been plunged into chaos after the election council mistakenly included 135,000 “test ballots” in its vote count.

The board of elections released the updated vote totals for the Democratic primary on Tuesday, which showed Kathryn Garcia, former New York sanitation commissioner, closing the gap on Eric Adams, the chairman of the Brooklyn borough , at less than two points.

Hours later, however, the election office said it learned of an “anomaly” in its report. The electoral council said its calculations included “both test results and election night results, producing around 135,000 additional records.”

The error is likely to cause unfortunate confusion around the ranked choice voting system, which was first used in a New York mayoral election this year.

Ranked choice voting allowed voters to rank up to five mayoral candidates, and Tuesday night’s vote count was supposed to give New Yorkers a first glimpse of how the race is going after the rankings were calculated. early and in-person votes.

Instead, the city fed electoral conspiracy theorists across the country, with millions still believing the presidential election was fraudulent. There is no evidence of massive fraud in either the New York mayor election or the presidential election.

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