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Jeremy Hunt insists PM still in charge; that the end destination of his agenda is the right one, and that this whole flip-flop is just about changing the way we get there. His understatement is no doubt intended as a softener for his struggling party as much as the markets, but it’s an insult to anyone with a functioning brain cell. That’s like saying the end goal was not to get eaten by lions and then persist with a Prime Minister dressed as a gazelle.

Such a colossal and ruinous misjudgment should have been enough to impeach several prime ministers multiple times, let alone one clinging to power.

The UK needs to go much further than some macroeconomic readjustment. A brutally honest reckoning is what’s needed now – from Liz Truss’ fitness for the job to acknowledging the economic damage of the Tories’ Brexit madness and the ensuing truths about Britain’s place in the world. world. The days of fairy tales and political games to preserve one party’s hegemony are over – because no final destination is worth the damage this grotesque experiment has done and continues to do to so many people across the UK .
Colin Montgomery

It is appalling to see Jeremy Hunt brought back to stabilize the ship (Report, October 14). His immediate predecessor was ousted for imposing a reckless mini-budget to cut taxes for which he and the Prime Minister had no mandate. Now Hunt thinks he can make amends with an equally reckless about-face – raising taxes and cutting services amid a cost-of-living crisis. Nor is there a mandate for this return to austerity.

The desperation of conservatives to cling to power despite serial and catastrophic failures is palpable. After subjecting us to a summer of agony as they made their choice of a new leader, they have already fallen in love with her. Now they seem to think they can just sweep their mistake under the rug by turning it off like a failed battery.

This is not the way things should be done in a democracy. The electorate must have its say. The Conservatives have taken a wrecking ball for the economy, our constitution and the country as a whole. We need them gone. Let the people speak.
Reverend Julian Blakemore
Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Perhaps Liz Truss could refer the government to BBC One’s The Repair Shop. Jay Blades and his team have managed to magically restore 100% of the items entrusted to them to give them new life. I don’t think a rotting wooden truss or cabinet with splits and cracks would present an insurmountable challenge.
Pierre Leney
Mazieres-Naresse, France

Surely Liz Truss must be thinking now of Oscar Wilde’s last words: “This wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death.” Either it’s okay or I do it.
Nick Bennett-Britton

In Peter Walker’s analysis (Kwasi Kwarteng was a logical choice as Chancellor but pride was his downfall, October 14), I came across the inevitable excerpt from Kwasi Kwarteng’s CV: “After a stint in the City …” These six words are so commonplace for so many Tory MPs that it would be interesting to know how many take the same route to MP and where their real interests lie – the country or their bank balances?
Sam Doncaster
Holsworthy, Devon

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