Letter: David Jinkens – Why I am running for South Lake Tahoe City Council | South of Lake Tahoe

I’m running for city council because I care deeply about our town, all the people who live here, and our future. I want to give back to the community the benefit of my knowledge as a retired city manager with over 35 years of experience and a resident of South Lake Tahoe for 20 years.

I know cities. I know how they work and I know how governance works in the basin. I can and will get things done for the people who live here.

I invite city residents and business owners to share their concerns with me at [email protected] Please let me share with you and your readers the issues that I think are most important. I believe that voters need to know where candidates for public office stand before voting for them in order to avoid “buyer’s remorse.”

ROADS, ROADS, ROADS. Repair and maintain the streets now and maintain them on an annual basis. The city government should budget money as a priority to repair city streets in case of damage, not wait. Repairs should be done annually.

NO NEW TAXES. Our residents and businesses are struggling with this poor national economy and high inflation. They are sufficiently taxed. If companies are taxed more, the consumer pays more.

LIVE WITHIN OUR MEANS. I suggest that we spend existing funds on the most important and urgent problems. The municipal council must set priorities for the use of available funds. If everything is important, nothing is important.

LODGING. Support and preserve quality workforce housing and develop programs to help people make necessary safety repairs to their homes. The development and maintenance of workforce housing must be a high priority so that people can afford to live here. Housing for our workforce must come first when addressing housing needs.

FINISH THE HOLE IN THE GROUND. We need to motivate homeowners to complete this project and there are state programs available to help achieve this goal. The hole has been there for too long.

FIRE SAFETY AND COMMUNITY PROTECTION. City Council must play an important role in fire safety within and around our city limits. CTC and USFS must secure their lands within the city limits from fires. Getting along with these agencies is good if they do the job. We must also ensure that water suppliers have an adequate and sustained supply of water for fire protection.

City Council must strongly support policies and take action to protect our environment, our lake and people from pollution, whether it comes from microplastics, lead, radiation or algae. Saying “we can’t do anything about it” is not real leadership or good governance.

LISTEN WHEN RESIDENTS COME TO YOU FOR HELP! City Council should listen to residents’ concerns as they arise and try to help address those concerns as they arise. Resident requests for help should never be ignored.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself.


David Jinkens, MPA
Good government lawyer

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