Maryland Commission on Health Equity meets for the first time – Conduit Street


On Monday, October 18, the Maryland Commission on Health Equity (MCHE), established under the Shirley Nathan Pulliam Health Equity Act of 2021, held its first meeting to develop a statewide plan to improve health outcomes and increasing health equity in Maryland. .

The meeting took place shortly after the Maryland Department of Health (MDH)
announcement of the composition of the Commission, which includes:

  • Steven R. Schuh, Assistant Secretary for Health Care Funding, Maryland Department of Health (Chairman)
  • Mary Washington, Maryland Senate, District 43
  • Sheree Sample-Hughes, Maryland House of Delegates, District 37A
  • Leonard Croft, Senior’s Rights Program Manager, Department of Aging
  • Cassie Shirk, Director of Legislation and Government Affairs, Department of Agriculture
  • David R. Brinkley, Secretary, Department of Budget Management
  • Juliane Woepke, Executive Director, Maryland Economic Development Commission, Department of Commerce
  • Robert L. Green, Secretary, Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
  • Kirsten Robb-McGrath, Director of Health Policy and Behavioral Health, Department of Disabilities
  • Dr. Sylvia Lawson, Assistant Superintendent, Maryland State Department of Education
  • Erica S. Chapman, Special Assistant to the Director, Lands and Materials Administration, Department of the Environment
  • Jennifer A. Edwards, Director of Emergency Management, Department of General Services
  • Danielle Meister, Senior Policy Officer, Homelessness, Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Stephanie Cooke, Director, Child Protection and Family Preservation Services, Social Security Administration, Department of Social Services
  • Lance Schine, Deputy Secretary, Department of Information Technology
  • Keva S. Jackson, Executive Director, Office of Clinical Services, Department of Juvenile Services
  • Mary Keller, Special Grants Administrator, Workforce Development and Adult Learning Division, Department of Labor
  • Michelle Ramirez, Multicultural Outreach Coordinator, Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • Kanishk Sharma, Director of Planning Data and Research, Planning Department
  • Derek B. Peck, Captain, Maryland State Police
  • Gregory Slater, Secretary, Department of Transport
  • Roslyn Jones, Manager of Women Veterans and Inclusion, Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Dr. Aliya Jones, Assistant Secretary for Behavioral Health, MDH
  • Dr Jinlene Chan, Assistant Secretary for Public Health, MDH
  • Kathleen A. Birrane, Commissioner, Maryland Insurance Administration
  • David Bishai, Harford County Health Officer, Maryland Association of County Health Officers

Members of the Commission will be specifically responsible for addressing racial, ethnic, cultural and socio-economic disparities in health. The Commission will have two sub-committees that will inform its work: a data advisory committee and a health equity policy committee. According to the Daily Record, the Commission will also work with external entities related to health equity:

Maryland already has a number of groups committed to examining health disparities, such as the Population Health Management Group and the Racial Disparities in Overdose Task Force, Schuh noted. Part of MCHE’s goal will be to build on the research and initiatives undertaken by these other groups in its own work; it will also aim to unite the work of different working groups and groups to ensure that they are working towards common goals.

Earlier this month, the Maryland Department of Health announced the Pathways to Health Equity program, another element of the ambitious 2021 legislative list focused on equity from the Maryland General Assembly.

Read the full article in the daily newspaper.

Read the full MDH press release.

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