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SPOKANE, Washington – Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward has released her final budget proposal for 2022. According to the city’s website, the goals of this budget are to maintain service levels, invest in economic recovery and prioritize public safety.

One of the main goals is to reduce roaming rates. Woodward intends to get people out of homelessness by improving system resources, bringing greater accountability into the system, and maximizing regional partnerships. The focus is on increasing housing options to meet the needs of the community while reducing barriers. The hope is to increase economic expansion and the creation of places to prepare for a faster recovery from the pandemic. Much of the emphasis is on building or improving shelters in particular.

“Our strategic approach has been to respond to short-term needs in a way that prepares the city for an accelerated recovery and long-term fiscal sustainability,” said Woodward. “The City’s commitment to maintain services, protect budget reserves, and strategically deploy federal recovery resources in the community and organization allows us to make prudent investments.

Another area of ​​primary focus includes municipal services including police, criminal justice, fire and emergency medical response, streets, parks, libraries, community and economic planning and development, as well as smaller and specialized services focused on neighborhood development, historic preservation, and human services. A portion of these costs include $ 250,000 for recruiting police officers, $ 454,510 for police operational improvements and $ 150,000 for weather contingencies and dangerous occurrences. These services total $ 216.5 million of the proposed $ 1 billion.

Other notable inclusions include funding for 10 new full-time positions focused on city clean-up efforts, continued improvement of the public library system adopted by voters, and an integrated capital management fund for municipal infrastructure planning.

For a full breakdown of all the funding, reductions, and increases on offer, you can read the 130-page PDF here.

City council has yet to vote to pass this budget, which they will do later this year.

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