MINUTES OF DECEMBER 13, 2021 DUBUQUE COUNTY SUPERVISORY BOARD Chairman Ann McDonough, Vice Chairman Harley Pothoff, Jay Wickham The Supervisory Board has met at its premises on the 4th Floor, 720 Central Ave Dubuque IA, 52001. You now have the option of attending Supervisory Board meetings. The county still offers Zoom with audio and video available. Each agenda will include information on how to log in to attend that meeting. Those who wish to attend meetings in person can do so as long as you wear a mask and respect social distancing if you have not been vaccinated. All official Supervisory Board meetings can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXFvtJQ2WWIsG8vVFVreYCQ LET THE RECORDING SHOW that all approvals, appointments, claims, warrants, receipts, proclamations, suspensions, resolutions, permits and public hearings have been unanimously approved, unless otherwise specified. WORKING SESSION WITH THE COUNTY ENGINEER The county is using a building at the Dubuque airport that is going to be demolished and another nearby belonging to the DOT that is going to be auctioned. However, engineer Anthony Bardgett had estimated the costs of building a county store at the airport; it would be on leased land. He will look for other alternatives. For general discussion, all road projects have been completed and in March will be the tender for the engineering project BUILD grant by John Deere. Recess at 9:00 a.m. for five minutes APPROVAL OF MINUTES December 6, 2021 PUBLIC HEARINGS Proof of Publication ZC # 11-24-21 Zoning Amendment Public Hearing Knuth Farms Inc and Amanda Schlemme A-1 Agricole to A-2 Residential Agricultural Public Hearing ZC # 11-25-21 Philip & Colleen McCarthy A-1 Agricole at A- 2 Residential agricultural public hearing ZC # 11-26-21 Nathan Kutsch A-1 Agricultural at A-2 Residential agricultural public hearing ZC # 11-27-21 Steven & Dawn Wilwert and Eric Lahey A-1 Agricole at A- 2 Agricultural residential PLATE APPROVAL Resolution 21-289 – approving the final dish Breiners Plat 2 Bridge Site Section 20 Township of Center Resolution 21-290 – Approving the final dish Dietz Farm Subdivision Plat 6 Section 14 Township of Center RESOLUTIONS: Resolution 21-291 – Approving the Hiring of Deputies, Assistants and Clerks Approved the publication of the Notice of Intent for Supervisors to Appoint the Treasurer of the County of Dubuque Resolution Approving the MH_DS Funding Recommendation of the Clarke University Adjourned until working session Resolution 21-292 – approving Dubuque County’s purchase of service projects Resolution 21-293 – approving courthouse painting services contract Resolution approving settlement agreement distributors, the Janssen Settlement Agreement and the Allocation Memorandum of Understanding for the Opioid Litigation Adjourned until working session Resolution approving payment and authorizing President to sign maintenance agreement on Tom Schieltz EcoService project No action taken yet. COMMUNICATION – MMP Scot Knepper # 70696; MMP Dale Rolwes # 59393 APPOINTMENT Board of Health (3) Amy Crow Sunleaf’s term ending December 31, 2024 was approved with Wickham voting against. McDonough motion to nominate Diane Pape-Freiburger there was no second. Term of Jessica Smith ending December 31, 2024 and Marsha Horwitz term ending December 31, 2023. Catfish Creek Watershed Management Authority (2) Joseph Dolan and Mary Radloff Conservation Board Jacqueline Kehr Eminent Domain Compensation Commission Mike Capesius Equal Opportunity Committee Angela Ventris Term ending June 30, 2023 Historic Preservation Commission Chris Soeder Maquoketa River Watershed Authority Zach Timm Sunnycrest Manor Board of Directors (2) McDonough’s motion to appoint Joshua Feldmann there was no second. Sherry Jacobs’ term ending December 31, 2026, Mike Capesius approved with McDonough voting against Watershed Working Group Lillie Beringer Zoning Commission David George Medical Examiners no action PERSONNEL REQUIREMENTS No action taken for a full-time public health director; approved a full-time cashier for the office of the treasurer WORKING SESSION PRESENTATION ON THE CLARKE UNIVERSITY MH-DS REQUEST Kate Zanger from Clarke University gave a presentation on the importance of mental health first aid training for staff at higher education institutions. The $ 30,000 would cover training for seven higher education institutions in the county. Resolution 21-294 approving Clarke University’s MH-DS funding recommendation WORKING SESSION TO DISCUSS THE SUNNYCREST MANOR CONSTRUCTION PROJECT Administrator Dani Ettema, CFO Emily Gosche and Administrator Sheila Frank discussed SCM’s large reconstruction project that has been postponed due to the pandemic. Now with increasing costs this may need to be split into two projects. Recess at 10:41 a.m. for five minutes WORKING SESSION TO DISCUSS THE REQUEST FOR ARPA FUNDING There were 319 responses to the ARPA survey. Budget manager Stella Runde and Ed Raber put together a pie chart showing the percentages for each category. WORKING SESSION WITH COUNTY CJ MAY LAWYER REGARDING THE SETTLEMENT OF OPIOIDS In the settlement, Dubuque County will receive approximately $ 128,000 per year with restrictions on its use. Resolution 21-295 Approving the Distributor Settlement Agreement, the Janssen Settlement Agreement and the Award Memorandum of Understanding for the Opioid Litigation WORKING SESSION TO DISCUSS WEBSITE UPDATES IT Nathan Gilmore asked whether to reset the county website to what it was before Covid. Not to be eliminated but to be reduced to an information link. The consensus is to have the home page filtered through the Dragotto County Auditor for approval. IN CAMERA SESSION in accordance with Section 21.5 (j) of the Iowa Code for the purpose of discussing the purchase of a particular real estate only when premature disclosure would reasonably be likely to increase the price that the government agency would have to pay for this property. Returning to open session, motion to adjourn at 12:38 p.m. Kevin Dragotto, Dubuque County Auditor 1t 12/28

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