Publication of the list of the ten most threatened places of the DPA in 2021



Focus on places that have historical significance so that their past is not lost in future renovations. Alliance president Jessica Fortney says she thinks “people forget that preservation includes restoration, rehabilitation and so it doesn’t preserve it in a certain amount of time and must look like it can go on. the front ”.

The list contains three different categories: unrecognized, uncertain future, and imminent demolition. This is how the Esmond building, if they were outside, is classified. Fortney says, “You can’t bring work back. You can’t bring back the people who built it. Once demolished, there are no more.

As for the Esmond Building, Duluth Preservation Alliance Vice President Blake Romenesko said, “It is an important part of the brewing heritage and of this neighborhood. And he stands here as an example of both private landlords and the town of Duluth failing to take care of our historic places. “

Along with the potential loss of historical significance, there is also another environmental factor that the alliance says demolition can cause. They say “The greenest building is one that’s already built.” And that the sourced materials and demolished remains add to the carbon footprint.

And with greater public participation, they hope that Duluth’s historic gems will remain intact for the future. And that the public awareness they bring can help preserve these places. “It’s a part of identity. It creates a feeling of where we are who we are,” says Romenesko.

You can find the full list and map of endangered places on their website here.


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