Queen’s cousin Olga Romanoff’s grand stately home – and how she funds it

Rachel Avery

Follow the aristocrats gave viewers a captivating insight into how the upper echelons of society live, including the Queenthe distant cousin of Olga Romanoff. The Russian princess lives at Provender House near Faversham in Kent – and did you know part of it can be rented out on Airbnb?

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Olga has turned the former servants’ wing of the house into a lucrative business venture, generating income by renting rooms on Airbnb. Speaking to Lorraine, Olga explained: “It started out as the servants’ quarters, then it became my father’s Russian wing, which we rent from Airbnb.”

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The house itself also hosts weddings, and the beautiful setting makes it the perfect place to say ‘I do’. The website details that it is “a breathtaking 13th century house and walled garden [with] a charming collection of personalities represented in architecture”.


The Queen’s distant cousin has restored her family home

After inheriting the building from her late mother, Princess Andrew, in 2000, Olga embarked on a painstaking but rewarding process of renovation, working with a specialist architect to restore the property to its former glory of centuries past.

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In the same Lorraine interview, Olga admitted that it was difficult to maintain such a large and historic property and that the project would have cost Olga a considerable sum, which is why it is not surprising that she turned to hospitality in order to generate income for the domain.


You can stay in this stately home

The public can join guided tours of the house with a short history lesson about its fascinating past, and the website says that sometimes these are even hosted by Olga herself.

If you decide to take a tour of the house, you can see upstairs and downstairs, explore the beautiful grand decor as well as the many historic paintings on display.

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