Ridgewood Historic Site Restoration Delays, But Still Moving Forward

RIDGEWOOD, NJ — A long-awaited and much-requested update on the restoration of the Zabriskie-Shedler Historic Home and Estate in Ridgewood was provided Wednesday by Village Superintendent Heather Mailander at a council meeting.

Shortly after an update was requested at the meeting by residents, one of whom expressed disappointment that the property several years after purchase had yet to be completed, Mailander assured that the project, which is now in its final phase, is “moving forward”.

“While updates and information (about the home and property) have been light and almost non-existent, I think we were avoiding interference,” Mayor Susan Knudsen said at the meeting. “I think, in all honesty, it worked out pretty well.”

The fence is in place, and berm work and other site improvements on the property have been approved and are nearing completion, the village said.

Internal demolition took place in late August and restoration of the space will take place very soon, Mailander said. She added that she was not yet sure of the restoration schedule and that she should have an update next week.

“There was a slowdown (in the work),” Knudsen said. “But I had the opportunity to stop by to view the property, and once (the contractor) starts all this work, it will be absolutely stunning.”

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