See inside this historic St. Johns, Michigan mansion

If you’ve ever walked West State Street in St. Johns, you’ve probably seen this giant mansion.

Photos courtesy of FOX 47 News via YouTube

Photos courtesy of FOX 47 News via YouTube

It’s the Hicks mansion. It has a long heritage in St. Johns, having been built in 1873.

The Hicks Mansion in St. Johns

Steve and Jenny Heath were the previous owners for eight years, but it has just changed hands to Claire Breen and her husband. The Breens hope to restore this spinster to its former glory so it can be added to the State and State Historic Registers..

However, before the Heaths sold the Hicks mansion to the Breens, they gave FOX 47 a visit.

The Heaths have spent eight years of their time and money repairing, remodeling and updating the mansion while striving to preserve its old and interesting features. Features like tiled floors, painted ceilings, moldings, etc.

During the visit, we could see how the Heaths worked to preserve the heritage of the house while trying to update it. Probably the most modern looking room is the kitchen. But places like the lobby and one of the bathrooms feel like a blast from the past. I particularly like the pink bathtub.

Michigan Historic Homes

If you’ve ever been curious about what this historic home looks like on the inside, here’s your chance; check out the gallery below to see photos of the interior and exterior of Hicks Mansion. This way you have an idea of ​​what it looks like now before the Breens make any changes or updates to it.

Stroll through the historic Hicks Mansion in St. Johns

Old homes have so much character, and this mansion in St. Johns, Michigan definitely proves it. Hicks Mansion in St. Johns was built in the 1870s and has been owned by a couple for the past eight years. Now they have sold the mansion to a new couple who intend to bring it back to its former glory and possibly add it to some historic records. Take a look inside this historic mansion in the gallery below.

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