Stratford 2021 election: Laura Dancho candidate for city council


STRATFORD, CT – The 2021 municipal election is heating up in Stratford with many races on the ballot.

Voters will go to the polls on Tuesday, November 2 and vote for the post of mayor, as well as seats on city council, the board of education, planning and zoning and more.

Stratford Patch has asked candidates to answer questions about their campaigns and will post candidate profiles as Election Day approaches.

Laura Dancho, 63, is running for re-election to Stratford City Council in the 10th district as a Republican.

Occupation: Program Coordinator of the Department of Biology at Fairfield University – 22 years old

Family: Married to Gregg for 41 years. Together we raised our three children, Meghan, Matthew and Jonathan in Stratford. Each of our children has pursued successful careers in various fields of science, met wonderful spouses and we now appreciate our grandchildren, Lucas and Wesley Addorisio and Isla Dancho and are delighted with our expected new granddaughter in March.

To live: Current representative of District 10 City Council since 2017

Family in government: no

The biggest problem in town is ______, and I plan to do this about it:

Keeping Stratford affordable is an overarching goal. As chairman of the ordinances committee, I worked with other city council members as well as city staff and our mayor to reduce the thousandth tax rate by a total of 0.5 thousandth in the past four years. The most recent budget for fiscal year 22 was passed with a decrease in the thousandth rate; however, three members of our current city council voted against. With the ongoing remediation of several industrial estates as well as recent work to update our tax incentive program, we are attracting new businesses to these areas that will contribute to the overall tax base. Responsible economic development, the creative use of our unique geographic location as a coastal city, support for the arts and maintaining high quality education are also priorities.

Critical differences between me and my opponents:

Stratford is my hometown. Having been a resident for decades, I have a personal connection and a history with this city that began long before I became an approved candidate. I am aware of Stratford’s problems and can see that Stratford is moving in a positive direction. It is with this clear vision, transparency and no frightening tactics that our team works together to make smart choices that benefit all residents.


My roles as parent, environmentalist and administrator have perfectly transferred to the responsibilities of municipal councilor. My perspective and common sense approach allow me to work collaboratively to achieve the city’s goals. As a city councilor, directly defending the interests or concerns of the residents of my neighborhood is a primary responsibility that I find very rewarding.

Other issues:

Over the past four years as a City Councilor, and before that as a resident, I have always been aware and involved with the state of the ongoing remediation of our hotspots such as Remington Woods. Being a voice for the preservation of the environment is a top priority. Education is also a priority and as a member of the school board liaison committee, and maintaining open communication between the board and the city is essential to maintaining our award-winning schools which continue to make Stratford attractive to young families.

What would you like voters to know about you?

As a coastal town, many Stratford residents can enjoy our beaches and boating. I come from a family of passionate boaters. My dad would launch his motorboat off Birdseye Dock and we would spend entire days on the water, either fishing from Stratford Point to Middle Ground, or touring Port Jefferson, or fishing for clams near the Norwalk Islands. My husband and I continued this trend with our own family in our sailboat. My competitive advantage is satisfied by participating in various sailboat racing regattas in eastern Connecticut. Our Stratford coastline is an incredible asset that all residents can enjoy by boat or on the beach and it is my personal goal to keep it clean and accessible.

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