The last of Alexander Circle’s historic homes to be offered for sale

Rediscovered in all its glory, the Commander’s House at Alexander Circle is for sale.
(photo: Phil Armstrong)

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by Robin Gee

The latest, and perhaps the grandest, of all the historic homes that are part of the Alexander Circle project in Fort Thomas goes on sale this week.

The Commandant’s House, known as Number One, is listed at $ 1,995,000. It was the first of the houses to be built on the property that would become Fort Thomas. The construction project for the US Army post was started on February 29, 1888. The house was built for the post’s first chief, Colonel Melville Cochran, who was intimately involved in the site selection and oversaw the construction of the entire substation.

The release of the Commandant’s House marks the completion of a major site-wide renovation project that began in 2017 after more than a decade of negotiations between the City of Fort Thomas and the US Department des Anciens Combattants, official owners of the property.

The covered porch of the Commandant’s House provides access to stunning views. The home has 1,500 square feet of outdoor decks. (photo: Phil Armstrong)

A long road to get here

Despite years of deterioration and emptiness, city officials, along with many residents, saw the potential of the cluster of houses being built for high-ranking officers. By the time the military post was deactivated in 1970, the houses were empty. Discussions began in 2002 to transfer ownership of the property, but the breakthrough came in 2017 when the VA was finally ready to sell the property to the city. Shortly thereafter, the city found a developer, Bloomfield / Schon, to renovate and restore the properties and surrounding areas and bring the homes back to life.

“The city is delighted to see these homes brought back to showcase their uniqueness. We are grateful to developer Bloomfield / Schon for taking charge of this project and are happy to see families enjoying life in Tower Park. It was an extremely long process with so many people involved to make this finally happen, ”said the mayor. Eric haas.

Sales have been brisk and interest in the 16 homes in the project has been high, with most ranging from $ 500,000 to over $ 1 million. As of November 2018, 12 of the houses were already under contract. As work on the properties was completed, residents began to move in starting with the first family in the fall of 2020.

The five-bedroom home known as the Commander’s House at Alexander Circle offers 5,200 square feet of interior space on 1.6 acres. (photo: Phil Armstrong)

The commander’s house

The site Cochran chose for his home remains one of the best places in the city of Fort Thomas and the region to take in the breathtaking, panoramic views of the Ohio River and surrounding hills. The house is 5,200 square feet inside and has 1,500 square feet of outdoor decks. The expansive modern upgrade still retains much of the original grandeur, including a grand staircase with original joinery and integrated seating.

40 years in the business! Construction of houses, addition of rooms, construction of terraces, roofing, structural work, concrete, painting. (513) 205-4020.

The Commandant’s House sits on 1.6 acres at the north end of Tower Park overlooking the river. Here are some of the features of the five bedroom home listed in the brochure:

  • Impressive reception foyer suitable for entertaining.
  • Large sweeping staircase with original posts, turned spindles, custom carpentry, rising windows and integrated seating.
  • Retractable doors that lead to the dining room and living room.
  • Outdoor verandas offering ample outdoor living and entertainment areas.
  • Well-equipped kitchen with breakfast area, fifteen foot island and direct access to the outside.
  • Site finished oak floors throughout.
La Maison du Commandant offers one of the best views in the region. (photo: Phil Armstrong)

The house and its neighbors are surrounded by the 86-acre Tower Park, itself listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Some of the fort’s original buildings, including the armory and mess, have been restored and serve as public buildings in the park. The park also includes three shelters; hiking and cycling trails; tennis, volleyball and basketball courts; a baseball / softball field, museum and amphitheater, all within walking distance of Alexander Circle.

Real estate agents Joy Amann and Rebecca Weber are the exclusive agents of Alexander Circle Development. They said they were excited to showcase the house and bring the project home.

“Joy and I are thrilled to bring the Alexander Circle Project to the finish line with this masterpiece of a house! Weber said. “We have been working with Bloomfield and Schon for almost nine years on this project, and it truly is a distinctive great honor to bring # 1 to market. All of the Alexander Circle homes are what we consider to be “Legacy” homes which means they are so coveted that they will likely be passed down by families rather than any of them ever going up for sale. # 1 is no exception. We look forward to meet the new owners! ”

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More photos of the Commandant’s House

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are a few, taken by the photographer Phil armstrong, which tell the story:

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