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Some of the local museums are still open and have exhibits even in the midst of a pandemic and ever-changing guidelines, while the World of Little League Museum has adapted its operations to something safer against COVID, potentially until this fall, according to museum officials.

The museum, located at 525 Route 15 in South Williamsport, has been closed since the initial closures in March 2020, but has stepped up its social media presence and even made its outdoor exhibit accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

This exhibit includes six stations with a podium and audio clips to walk through and learn about the history of the complex.

Anyone can find the audio clips to listen to on the website.

“Although they can’t visit the museum, we thought maybe we could give them something.” said Adam Thompson, deputy director and curator of the museum.

The use of audio tours, with professionally recorded audio, became available before the pandemic and the museum intends to continue offering them well after.

“I think everything went well … he received decent comments”, Thompson said.

Until further notice, the museum itself remains closed. At the moment, there is no precise timetable for the reopening, but those responsible are “Work towards this goal” to be open with minimal exposure or no closed exposure. According to the site, his return should be in the fall.

Meanwhile, museum staff have worked to maintain a strong social media presence by posting and sharing reruns of past Little League World Series games and historical photos, including some of the LLWS games from 1952 and 1968.

“We are just busy” Thompson said. “We still have work to do. We remain optimistic and continue to work on projects. While they might not be something we use now, we know they will be great in the future. “

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