Use the camera inside museums at a price | News from Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram: Visitors can now use a camera inside museums and art galleries under the Department of Museums and Zoos, but this comes at a price. The department is introducing tickets for photography and videography inside museums at a cost of Rs 2,000.
The state government has issued an order on the same citing that visitors can use professional cameras to film inside museums after paying an amount of Rs 2,000. The order was issued on the basis of ‘a request submitted by the director of the museum and the zoo.
Authorities have been instructed that while allowing the use of professional cameras inside museums, steps should be taken to ensure that this does not affect the privacy of other visitors and that the security of intellectual properties inside the museum is ensured.
The order will give art lovers and vloggers the ability to make video recordings of exhibitions in art galleries and museums. Thiruvananthapuram Zoo already charges a fee for using cameras on its premises.
Authorities expect the Natural History Museum and Napier Museum to likely attract more people with permission to use cameras inside the building.
The renovated Natural History Museum reopened to the public in January 2021 has been attracting the attention of visitors for several months. The museum was equipped with attractive and informative display systems and the project was completed at a cost of Rs 6 crore. The museum underwent a complete renovation for the first time after its commissioning in 1964.

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