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The Vernon Museum will take a look at itself and its artifacts as part of British Columbia Culture Days.

The Greater Vernon Museum and Archives will host its third BC Culture Days Arts in Action Vernon Hub event on October 14.

Not Neutral: Exploring Reconciliation in Museum Collections will provide an overview of the museum’s collection of artefacts and archives, exploring questions of the origin of the artefacts, who collects and donates them and why.

“We will also ask more complex questions and investigate our own biases,” said curator Laisha Rosnau. “Questions like: who decides what has historical value; whose story is valued and whose voices are silenced or ignored? “

The Not Neutral event will invite visitors to take a closer look at some of the objects in the Vernon Museum’s collection as Rosnau, alongside Registrar and Digital Archivist Marisa Parker-Hinz, reveals some of the mysteries and falsehoods about what and how. the objects are collected.

“The Towards Truth and Reconciliation programming day on September 30 drew a lot of people. There is so much interest in examining the truth about the darkest chapters in our history, ”said Rosnau

“Elders Syilx with whom the Vernon Museum consulted emphasized that the untruths, untruths and silences around the very real history of prejudice against Indigenous peoples must be addressed before reconciliation can begin. “

One of the truths, Rosnau reveals, is the Vernon Museum itself, which began with a donation of taxidermy artifacts, native items, and cultural resources.

“They were labeled as ‘curious’ at the time – and the truth is, we don’t know where each of the objects came from, what nations, and whether it is appropriate to keep or display them.”

Rosnau and Parker-Hinz will examine how the cultural resources and artefacts of Indigenous nations, as well as those of other cultural groups, were collected and displayed.

“And we will ask questions about why museums across Canada, including this one, were centered on the experiences of white European explorers, pioneers and settlers to the exclusion of others,” said Rosnau. “We are a small museum, trying to make big changes, starting with the inside.

Like all BC Culture Days events, Not Neutral: Exploring Reconciliation in Museum Collections is a donation.

“Fifty percent of our September 30 donations go to the Indian Residential Survivor Society. Donations from the Not Neutral event will be used for our ongoing consultation with Syilx seniors, ”she said.

Not Neutral: Exploring Reconciliation in Museum Collections takes place Thursdays at 7 p.m. at the museum, 3009 32nd Ave.

Pre-registration is not required for this event, but in accordance with public health decrees, vaccine passports will be checked at the gate.

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