Visit of the Gardens of the Great Republicans of State 2021 | Lavaca


Top Republicans across the state will host the 2021 Gardens Tour on October 16 at five gardens in and around Hallettsville.

Tickets cost $ 25 and are available at Jo’s Green Hut, TDECU, Hallettsville Chamber of Commerce, and Country Touch. Below is a brief rundown of what you will enjoy visiting these beautiful properties.

The Doris Clark property, 1447 SH 111-E, is a beautiful once forested area that has been transformed into a tropical paradise. The dream of the family has always been to make their garden beautiful and welcoming. Bananas and ginger were among the first plants to be set as the backdrop for the pool waterfall. The garden also includes azaleas, lantanas, fire bushes, several varieties of ferns and lilies to name just a few of the many varieties of plants. Several raised beds that have been planted to attract butterflies and bees. The old vegetable garden is now a wild flower garden. Two rockeries with petrified wood, agate, quartz as well as many other rocks complete the garden.

Molly and Cal Bonzer bought their home, 2542 US 77 N, in 1999. It is a historic property where Lavaca County’s first judge lived. It was also a stagecoach stop. The garden features many heirloom plants as well as many varieties of South Dakota daylilies given to them by Cal’s mother. Over the years, many changes have taken place and beds have been added with Texas perennials, stunning roses, and one-of-a-kind artwork. Spring favorites are lark’s foot, poppies and Queen Anne lace. The Bonzers still have spring and fall vegetable gardens.

Dianne and Mark Grahmann bought Mark’s grandparents’ property, 62 County Road 2314A, in 1994. It was transformed from a yard with three pear trees and what was a cornfield into their own quiet corner of paradise. The entrance to the garden is an arched trellis covered with evergreen wisteria. Woven into the landscape is an old barn and seating areas where visitors can enjoy some of their favorite plants such as golden Duranta, sunny ligustrum, and mystic sage. Just outside the courtyard is a large pond with a fountain.

Louise Keil, 6859 Farm-to-Market Road 957, describes her garden as a wild landscape, where the placement of the bed and the plants have a sense of balance. The large yard has a lot of diversity in the landscape with the seating areas, ponds and the foliage surrounding them. This yard has a huge array of golden euonymus, holly, yaupons, daffodils, lilies, amaryllis, roses, and huge crepe myrtles to name a few. She also has heirloom plants from her relatives.

Carol and Tommy Barre recently purchased their traditional home, 701 E. 2nd St., which was built in 1900. The double lot allows Carol to pursue her gardening hobby. The yard had a shrub. It has now grown to include lots of flowers and shrubs with vegetables in between and around. Lots of evergreen wisteria and cannas are also found in the yard. She dedicated the garden to her parents, Mike and Marie Brocker.

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