Why Katy Perry Stopped Googling Herself

Throw down your sticks and your stones, but Katy Perry don’t let anyone break his soul.

The pop star opened up about her restrained approach to social media in order to fend off unwanted interactions with haters and their opinions. In an interview with The cup posted on Oct. 24, the “Teenage Dream” singer shared what she does to avoid reading about herself on the internet.

“I stopped googling myself a long time ago and I don’t read comments. So if I’m on social media, I post and ghost,” Katy said. “I’m not going to open the door and invite the whole world to comment on how they think I should live my life.”

Instead of focusing on the negativity, Katy, who shares her 2-year-old daughter Daisy with fiance Orlando Bloom— is selective about who she welcomes into her life.

“I have a good group of trusted friends, I have a therapist, and we have a couples therapist, which is really helpful,” she explained. “So I’m very careful about letting other people’s energy in.”

Katy Perry through the years

In fact, prioritizing the relationships she loves unconditionally might cause Katy to lose some sleep, although the 38-year-old is more than happy to rearrange her schedule for Daisy.

“I really try not to stay up past 10 p.m. because I know my baby will be up at 6 a.m.,” Katy said. “Whether I put her to bed at seven, eight or nine, at six in the morning she’s up. So I have to count down the hours. The clock is ticking.”

Along with making sure she’s wide awake for her daughter, Katy has taken “mommy and me” classes with Daisy to continue to nurture a close bond with her. She added that when a woman thought she recognized her in a ballet class, Katy replied, “‘Hi, nice to meet you. I care about my child and I’m taking him to class.'”

She also goes to “all the museums,” telling the outlet that she and her daughter go to the “zoo, natural history museum, children’s museum. That’s my new club.”

Spending time with Daisy is always at the top of the list of “ET” singers, even if it means skipping time to exercise.

John Shearer/Getty Images for CMA

“I love hot yoga. I don’t do it every day because I have a kid and I want to spend every extra moment I have with him,” she said. “Sometimes I’ll have all day to be with her, but sometimes I’ll only have a few hours.

When she can have a minute to herself, Katy shared how the practice of Transcendental Meditation, or TM for short, “has profoundly changed my life.” Katy describes TM as a 20-minute meditation she started about 14 or 15 years ago, which is around the time her career took off when she signed with Capitol Records. The practice, she says, has helped his mental health.

“It’s given me more of a compass, more of an anchor. I can be too head in the clouds, think too much about the future, and that helps me be more present,” she said. declared. “I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety in my life, and TM is a huge tool.”

Besides meditation, Katy’s other self-care items include “that hurts so much” massages, physical therapy after concerts, car rides, or just admiring the sights and sounds of the cities while she runs. bike.

“I like to have a coffee and an empanada and just drink my coffee and eat my empanada while I’m on my bike,” she added, “People recognize me, but the moment they’re like, ‘ Was…? Who was…?’ I already left.”

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