Wisconsin Historical Society: The George H. and Frances Daubner House listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Brookfield, WI – The Wisconsin Historical Society announces the listing of the George H. and Frances Daubner House in Brookfield, Waukesha County, on the National Register of Historic Places.

George and Frances Daubner’s farmhouse is a very good, intact example of the brick-built Italianate style of architecture. It features bay windows, pairs of arched windows, and raised brick window trim. The house was built for the Daubner family between 1866 and 1870 when Brookfield was a farming town in a farming county. The Daubners operated a farm themselves on 150 acres of surrounding land which has since been subdivided into residential lots. The farm belonged to the Daubner family from 1848 to 1912.

The house appears almost exactly as it does in photos from the 1940s. Artist’s rendering of the house that appeared in the 1878 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Wisconsin is clearly recognizable as the house that stands today.

The National Register is the official list of historic properties in America deemed worthy of preservation and is maintained by the National Park Service of the US Department of the Interior. The Wisconsin Historical Society administers the program within Wisconsin. It includes sites, buildings, structures, objects, and neighborhoods that are significant in national, state, or local history, architecture, archaeology, engineering, or culture.

Additional information on this house is available at: https://www.wisconsinhistory.org/Records/NationalRegister/NR2719

To learn more about Wisconsin’s state and national registry programs, visit: https://wisconsinhistory.org/hp/register/

About the Wisconsin Historical Society

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