Scale automation with the tools and guidance to accelerate citizen development.

Automation Co-Pilot for Automators

Accelerate creating automations and expand development to business teams with generative AI powered natural language automation assistant. Built-in guardrails ensure AI functions according to data privacy and security policies.

Code Quality Analyzer

Make it easy for citizen developers to maintain your coding standards and verify code quality. Automatically identify errors, bottlenecks, and best practice violations to empower developing high-quality, secure automations.

Empower citizen developers with automation and generative AI in the flow of work.

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Intelligent Automations


Citizen Developers

Build fast with natural language

Generate new process automations with natural language prompts. Make every automation better with next-action suggestions.

Scale automation development

Eliminate barriers to automating with generative AI to create and auto-complete code based on natural language input.

Safeguard with governance

Set generative AI and coding guidelines and require reviews before new automations go live using built-in governance tools.

Embed ‘human in the loop’ to ensure compliance

Automation Co-Pilot incorporates human oversight to ensure AI functions in compliance with data privacy and security policies.

Democratize and scale automation across the enterprise.

Chart your journey to citizen development success with free, expert-led guidance from
Pathfinder Mission Control.

Create growth blueprints, implement best practices

Learn how you can drive transformation, show ROI faster, and get a map to all the best practices in one place.

Get guidance to secure stakeholder support

Understand how to create a citizen development program aligned to company goals, and gain buy-in to expand.

Ensure strong governance to meet security requirements

Get clarity on managing citizen development with strong governance and ensuring privacy and security requirements are met.

Train, support and measure success

Learn what training, tools, and support your citizen developers will need, how to build a community of practice, and establish benchmarks.

Explore how Pathfinder Mission Control can supercharge citizen development.

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Want to achieve full-scale automation?

Let’s talk about how to enable citizen development at scale to capture institutional know-how, expand automation capacity, and accelerate transformation.

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Power up your team of citizen developers with purpose-built automation training.

Not technical? Not a problem. Automation Anywhere’s Citizen Developer Career Quest equips business users with the skills and knowledge to become proficient citizen developers — all for free.

Close citizen developer skill gaps faster

Upskill citizen developers by providing a clear progression path from fundamental skills to advanced proficiency.

Supercharge productivity across your organization

Empower knowledge workers with training to learn and apply automation to their work processes using the Automation Success Platform.

Available everywhere, always 100% free

No matter where your team is located, you can access the complete training series at no cost.

Unlock speed to citizen development

Bite-sized courses build on one another, so citizen developers can gain momentum by stacking skills.

Increase citizen developer confidence

Solidify automation skills with hands-on challenges and opportunities for citizen developers to test their knowledge and skills in a safe environment.

Strengthen organizational automation capability

Bolster the capability of your organization to drive automation initiatives by providing teams with the tools and knowledge to become citizen developers.

The Automation Success Platform.

Automation Co-Pilot and Pathfinder Mission Control are integral parts of the Automation Success Platform, giving
organizations powerful tools to drive automation success at scale.

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