Transform vital healthcare operations with intelligent automation.

Healthcare professionals are stretched far beyond capacity. And compliance mandates and cost pressures are squeezing healthcare organizations already facing heightened uncertainty. The Automation Success Platform delivers a new system of work that can alleviate burnout among healthcare professionals, improve patient experience by unifying disparate patient and operational data sources, and ensure security and compliance with evolving regulations.

R1 RCM transforms health system revenue cycle performance across settings of care.

The Automation Success Platform enables R1 RCM to scale AI-powered automated revenue cycle management to systems and processes of over 100 unique healthcare organizations.

Customer Story

We selected Automation Anywhere’s solution due to its ability to scale quickly and its bank-grade security and encryption which is critical in the healthcare industry.

Sean Barrett,
Vice President of Digital Transformation Process Owner


Tasks automated annually


Digital Workers in production


Systems in 200+ locations connected

Gain capacity and increase productivity with secure automation and AI.

Unify disparate data

Unify disparate data

Empower clinicians with unified patient and operational data across systems of record.

Unlock productivity

Unlock productivity

Embed automation in clinician’s workflows with minimized change management to deliver data and guide processes.

Scale securely

Scale securely / Ensure compliance

Scale operations with healthcare-ready data security and compliance. HIPAA and HITRUST CSF certified.

Drive down costs

Drive down costs

Connect and automate patient care processes to maximize efficiency and improve service delivery.

Alleviate burnout

Alleviate burnout

Reduce turnover and attract talent by empowering physicians and nurses with automation.

Build resilience

Build resilience

Create agile, flexible operations with intelligent automation across healthcare operations.

Apply automation and AI across the spectrum of health services from patient care to medicare.

Use the power of intelligent automation and generative AI to change the way healthcare works, starting with everyday processes across providers, payers, physicians and patient services.

  • Clinician experience
  • Patient experience
  • Cybersecurity
  • Operations

Alleviate administrative burden and empower clinicians to focus on patient care with automation and generative AI embedded within clinicians’ familiar core systems and apps. Speed clinician processes such as understanding patient status, handling patient communications, creating natural language documentation, and facilitating compliance.


Enhance patient experience by helping clinicians easily obtain comprehensive patient data across systems and orchestrate patient communications across channels. Efficiently handle inquiries and real-time status updates. With generative AI infused into the platform, physicians can quickly personalize after-visit summaries directly in core applications.


Safeguard patient data and ensure the integrity and security of critical healthcare systems with responsive automation and AI that refines performance based on exposure to emerging threats and real-world experiences. Use intelligent automation to recognize, thwart, and develop robust mitigation strategies against cybersecurity and AI-enabled threats.


Reshape healthcare operations across every function with automation and generative AI. Optimize revenue cycle management and supply chain logistics. Streamline workflows across HR, finance, lab and pharmacy, and contact center. Enhance medical billing and coding accuracy, expedite credentialing, and facilitate discharge planning.

Empower physicians with automation and generative AI to transform care and alleviate burnout.


Create medical summaries 70% faster

  • Leverage automation to gather patient data and generative AI to understand complex situations and create clear, concise summaries.
  • Transform unstructured patient visit history from multiple sources such as hospital notes, lab tests, medication history, records, and referrals.
  • Empower healthcare professionals with time to evaluate the important and relevant patient information to prescribe appropriate tests, medications, treatments, or other next steps.

Reply to patient messages sooner

  • Apply automation and generative AI to analyze unstructured patient messages to identify concerns and issues, check the EHR for context, and summarize.
  • Use generative AI to provide initial recommendations to jumpstart physician response, and Automation Co-Pilot to launch and log the appropriate response, such as sending the patient to the ER, booking an appointment, etc.
  • Realize time savings of 60-80% for much-needed relief from outside-working-hours duties.

Customize after-visit summaries

  • Launch automation to do the data legwork directly from physicians’ core work application — retrieve, validate, and assemble patient data across systems (EHR, insurance coverage from Finance, etc.).
  • Apply generative AI to understand medical context and create a draft summary with recommendations, taking into account the patient’s language, age, healthcare literacy, etc.
  • Empower the physician with a completed summary in minutes for review, validation, and further personalization.

Hear from healthcare organizations transforming the way they work with automation and AI.

Customer Quote

Automation gives our staff the time to focus on rewarding work, positively impacting the quality of our patient care.

Donna Watson
Head of Workforce Engagement and Information Systems, Newcastle Hospitals

Customer Quote

A major reason we chose Automation Anywhere is the lack of barriers to entry. It’s excellent for that.

Jason Woodward
Director Enterprise Automation, AccentCare


If the NHS did it, so can you.

Find out how the NHS introduced automation in a matter of days within a vast legacy healthcare system, with a trajectory to save the equivalent of 66 years of work by 2025.

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Get better — faster — with the Automation Success Platform.

The Automation Success Platform helps healthcare organizations transform their operating model, increase capacity, and respond to the spectrum of healthcare challenges throughout the care delivery value chain, with unified automation applications, services, and technology on a single, intelligent platform.

Resources to bolster the health of your automation journey.


ChatGPT and Intelligent Automation: Automating thought and action in healthcare.

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Protecting patients and ensuring quality care: Automation’s role in healthcare regulatory compliance.

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How is automation with AI helping to improve patient outcomes and drive cost savings in healthcare?

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