Put generative AI to work to accurately process documents at scale.

Accelerate business teams

Empower teams to quickly extract data, summarize documents, and eliminate hours of data entry.

Improved data quality

Eliminate human error and validate data before it enters your business-critical systems.

Meet Regulatory Compliance and Standards

Protect your data and adhere to regulatory requirements.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Reduce the time to configure document extraction projects and get started instantly with pre-built document models.

The most modern intelligent document processing platform.

Integrate class-leading intelligent document processing technologies directly into the flow of work

Connected to GPT models for limitless possibilities

Enhance document processing capabilities with cutting-edge GPT-powered integrations to handle a lot more complex, unstructured document types.

Embedded in the flow of work

Use RPA to collect document data at the point of origination and apply to any process at scale.

Open and extensible

Leverage an all-in-one solution with pre-built parsers for various document types, easily extensible with any extraction technology.

No-code plugins

Drive lightning-fast, intuitive document processing through native integrations with best-in-class AI solutions and generative AI models.

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How does Document Automation work?

Document Automation combines RPA with AI technologies to classify, extract and validate document data. Learn More.



Improve document quality using noise reduction, binarization and de-skewing techniques.

Classification and Splitting

Classification and Splitting

Classify and separate multi-page documents to identify relevant pages.



Use advanced technologies to extract specific data from documents.

Data Validation

Data Validation

Validate using rules and AI-driven techniques to improve the extraction results.

See Document Automation in action.

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Top use cases for Document Automation.

Leverage IDP to quickly automate document processing tasks across the business and embed data where you need it to be.

Structured Documents

Structured Documents

Automate and streamline forms and application processing to drive increased customer satisfaction.

Semi-Structured Documents

Semi-Structured Documents

Automate processes with pre-built models for invoices, purchase orders, receipts, and utility bills.

Unstructured Documents

Unstructured Documents

Automate data extraction from complex and unstructured documents like contracts, waybills, statements of work and more.

The Automation Success Platform

Document Automation is built on the Automation Success Platform, making it simple to inject document data directly into any process, at scale. It’s designed for the 80% of business processes that rely on people to find and organize data before a process can even begin.

ASP Marketecture

Get to know the Automation Success Platform.

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